Hi all, I'm Gunjan👋

My three major interests and passions are Computer Science, Maths and Music, and I believe that there is a creative fusion between all these disciplines. I engage wholeheartedly in these areas both in my school courses and out of school, and hope that I will be able to continue doing so on my chosen course and in the extra-curricular opportunities at universit

What i do


  • html-5

  • css3

  • sass

  • JavaScript

  • reactjs

  • nodejs

  • swift

  • npm

  • sql-database

  • aws

  • firebase

  • python

  • docker

⚡ Develop highly interactive Front end / User Interfaces for your web and mobile applications
⚡ Progressive Web Applications ( PWA ) in normal and SPA Stacks
⚡ Integration of third party services such as Firebase/ AWS / Digital Ocean


University of Engineering & Management, Jaipur
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science

June, 2018 - May,2022

• 1 research paper
• 1 patent paper, id: 201911006951(under processing)
• R&D student lab guide
• Lead of HackCLub UEM Jaipur
• Co-lead of Data Science Club UEM Jaipur

Mathabhanga High School, Cooch Behar
Higher Secondary(5th - 12th)

January, 2012 - April,2018


Gupta, Aadhar, Shashank Uttrani, Gunjan Paul, Bhavik Kanekar, and Varun Dutt. "Multi-human Intelligence in Instance-Based Learning." In Neural Information Processing: 29th International Conference, ICONIP 2022, Virtual Event, November 22–26, 2022, Proceedings, Part V, pp. 540-549. Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore, 2023.
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Gunjan Paul, Saravanan Chandran, and Jose Hormese. "Building Detection from Satellite Aerial Images Using Morphological Operations." Machine Learning, Image Processing, Network Security and Data Sciences: Second International Conference, MIND 2020, Silchar, India, July 30-31, 2020, Proceedings, Part I. Singapore: Springer Singapore, 2020.
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Sr. Backend & MLOps Engineer
jan, 22 - May, 23

  • Designed data pipelines with Apache Airflow and Flyte
  • Developed APIs(using Flask and FAST API) and CI/CD pipelines to streamline the development process using GitLab Action
  • Developed system architectures for data-labeling marketplace and data streaming
  • Led a small team of 5 members

Research Intern
Indian Institute Of Technology,Mandi
Dec, 20 - Feb, 23

  • Developed Simulation Enginviornment using Unity3D for model training and evaluation
  • Developed ACT-R Cognitive Models to replicate Human Cognitive Behavior on Robots for Search-and-Retrieval work in Virtual Environments

Computer Vision Engineer(SDE)
July, 21 - Sept, 21

  • Developing Deep learning and computer vision models to automate reselling process
  • Designeing tools with Optical character recognition model
  • Integrating different deep learning model in IOS and Android app

Mitacs Global Research Intern
University of Alberta, Canada
July, 21 - Sept, 21

  • Developed Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing Model for Cognition Analysis

Data Science Intern
Nov, 20 - Dec, 20

  • Developed different image classification model using Deep learning
  • Design a Recommendation system based on autoencoder architecture
  • Developed transfer learning technique to deal with insufficent image data
  • Designed and developed auto image auto segmentation model

Software Developer Intern
Nov, 20 - Dec, 20

  • Designed Spring MVC and Hibernate application
  • Developed Angular 2 Service which interacts with RESTful services
  • Worked on JUnit for unit testing of the application
  • Used JIRA to handle software development issues

Artificial Intelligence Intern
Jul 2020 – Oct 2020

  • Designed solutions for making an automated AI-driven system
  • Developed an AI-based customizable website to recognize customer need and show the most relevant services
  • Designed and developed AI model to calculate the credit point and approve Loan

Data Science Intern
Jul 20 - Aug 20

  • Dealing with client data
  • Pulling data from cloud databases using BigQuery
  • Data cleaning and data engineering
  • Building data visualizations
  • Developing and testing new algorithms
  • Developing predictive models

Chapter Lead
GirlScript Foundation
April 20 - present

  • Leading the core team of GirlScript Jaipur chapter
  • Encouraging technical learning for women and beginners
  • Working towards closing gap in the technical field by leveraging skills and networking opportunities

Research Intern
National Institute of Technology Durgapur
Dec 19 - Jan 20

  • Developed image processing model to detect and segment building structure from low-level image data
  • Published a research paper

Open Source

Landscape Maintainer

  • Bug fixing in Golang code
  • Developing web pages and web-related bug fixes
  • Maintaining Landscape projects
  • Community management


  • Bug fixing in Python code
  • Contributed in different Calculas problem

Licenses & certifications

certification Name Issuing Organization Issue Date
Google IT Support Specialization Coursera October 2020
Power BI A-Z: Hands-On Power BI Training For Data Science! Udemy March 2020
Introduction to OpenShift Applications (DO101) RedHat April 2020
Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure Coursera December 2019
IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts Coursera October 2020
Introduction to Programming in Swift 5 Coursera September 2020
Getting Started with Go Coursera April 2020
Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User Coursera September 2020
System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services Coursera October 2020
End-to-End Machine Learning with TensorFlow on GCP Coursera November 2019
Python Data Structures Coursera May 2020
Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Coursera August 2019


+91 6295657810


Gurukul, Sikar Road Near Udaipuria Mod
Jaipur, Rajasthan 303807